Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LetS get STARTEd!

I use to blog to release stresS....Well it workED!

I am now going to try bloGGing to Help Sell and Promote small Time Businesses! Since I am one of those "Small Time" Businesses i Figured
HECK this is a Great IdeA!

anD since I have a LOT of KIddo STuff....Why NOt Offer other MoMS like myself to sell their Kiddo Things and Make a Few ExtrA dollars!

Here Is what I would do with a Few Extra Dollars...

Get My Nails done (since that has not happened since last August...but who's counting)

Buy myself a book...not an ebook but a REAL life book!

Splurge on the Grande Latte...yep you heard me no tall Latte here it would be a GRANDE!!!

So If those things Look as good to you as they do for me ..then Email ME and lets get SELLING!

* Hope you guys all have a great day...Leave a comment so I can follow you back! ( I love reading other blogs!!)